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With offices in Bloomington and Faribault, James R. Chatto represents clients in Minneapolis/St Paul metropolitan area as well as Dakota, Dodge, Freeborn, Le Sueur, Rice, Scott, Steele, Waseca and all other Minnesota counties.

When you are arrested and have a criminal charge, you can work with a criminal defense attorney who will help you get back to living your life. James R. Chatto is an experienced criminal defense attorney committed to providing the highest level of criminal law representation.

Good people have bad things happen. You can overcome your legal issues with the help of Chatto Law. Mr. James Chatto will explain your rights clearly and make sure you know the judicial process. It may very well be that the evidence against you was unlawfully obtained by an illegal search, an illegal arrest, or an illegal interrogation and is subject to suppression.

Are you afraid of the cost of legal representation?
Most attorneys charge an hourly rate, plus a supplemental charge for phone calls, postage, photocopies and travel time. As a result, legal fees quickly exceed one’s budget.

As a criminal defense attorney in Minnesota, Chatto Law takes a different approach and charges a flat fee for each case. You will know up front the total cost of your defense. The price quoted covers all work expenses including investigation, legal research, and court appearances. There are no hidden costs. By paying a flat fee you will not feel the “meter is running” and thus resolve your case quickly which may be contrary to your long term best interests.

The firm’s philosophy is simple:
All Adult and Juvenile criminal charges are vigorously defended within ethical bounds in order to obtain a favorable result that you deem fair.

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